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Dave Goodall assists Entrepreneur minded leaders to align their energy, skills, and 

business processes to achieve their dreams. 

Growing up in his grandfather's countertop manufacturing plant, he fell in love with 

the idea of business at a young age. Gifted with Dyslexia, he realized that he could 

see things that others struggle to see. Educated in Electrical Engineering and 

Neuro-Linguistic programming allows for Dave to bring an analytical approach to 

problems. He spent over 20 years in the IT industry, developing Tech teams, and 

delivering product support and change management integration solutions. 

Through this experience, Dave realized that there were two tracks of 

challenges in business; the logistical and the human. With a proven track 

record of delivering on strategy and knowing that everything starts with your 

team, Dave sought to understand the human element of workflow better. 

Dave helps clients tap into their best selves, prioritize deliverables, improve 

the sales cycle, and streamline their operations, bringing better work-life 

balance, cohesive teams, and multi-seven-figure profits

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