Show Notes

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way is to simply list a few facts about me and hope they spark some interest and intrigue to encourage further dialogue! 🙂

  • moved from England to Hong Kong when I was 6 (with my family!), where I lived and [eventually] worked for 18 years;
  • youngest-ever member of the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra;
  • originally studied computers;
  • trained and worked as an actor for 5 years;
  • started my first business in 1999;
  • sold it for £1 in 2002 😫;
  • married with 4 [step]-kids;
  • have a 2,500+ day (nearly 7 years 😳) run streak of at least 2 miles a day;
  • through being a business owner I've been in sales & marketing for over 20 years;
  • my last business was a SaaS company which I exited in March 2021;
  • co-host of the 6 Star Business Podcast << link;
  • co-founder of the 6 Star Business Community << link.

And that's about enough 'me' as I can stomach writing 😅

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