How to Grow your marketing faster | JJ Reynolds

JJ Reynolds, from Mediauthentic, started working in the field of marketing as a videographer who would create marketing videos and other assets. However, he quickly learned that organizations didn’t really know what to do with these things once they had them. Now he focuses on assisting businesses in measuring and acting on their marketing data. Understanding that being online takes a lot of work, he helps eliminate the "Guess Work". Reynolds helps his clients using Google Marketing Cloud, where he's able to predictably increase MRR while measuring each channel's step in the marketing journey. With his team, they take all of their client's data from their CRM, Google Analytics, and cart platform, then turn it into a real-time data dashboard for you to take action. JJ believes that what most digital businesses need is someone to provide reliable consistent data to take action. He is eager to share with listeners how they can better understand and utilize data to improve their business.

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