Pro Hair labs | Ryan Margolin

Ryan Margolin is the CEO of Professional Hair Labs, and as soon as I came across your show I knew it would be a perfect match. Started in 1994, Professional Hair Labs has dominated the hair care industry while staying true to its vision of clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly hair adhesive products. Ryan can offer your audience his take on not only building a highly successful business from the ground up, but also his expertise in IP protection, international trade, dealing with product counterfeiting, B2B marketing, and much more. After his mother became ill from toxic hair care products, a call to action was spurred for Ryan Margolin and his family-run business, Professional Hair Labs. Ryan now has more than 20 years of experience as CEO and has done business in over 15 different countries with over 50 million in products sold globally. When he isn’t busy spreading the word on the risks of harmful chemicals in hair products, Ryan is a dad of three who loves music.

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