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Show Notes

Do you ever feel like juggling your personal and professional life feels like a Herculean task? Margaret, a seasoned consultant and coach, has your back! She shares her intriguing experiences from her venture, including a particularly captivating trip to Italy, and brings to the table valuable insights on making your business operations leaner and reaching your potential clientele effectively. 

What's even more interesting is the way we navigate the complexities of leadership and the impact it has on employee performance. From appreciating employees to harnessing the power of male and female leaders differently, we explore it all. And guess what? I have an incredible success story up my sleeve about an incentive game that boosted productivity and reduced absenteeism significantly. 

But hold tight, there's more! We'll be talking about identifying waste in business, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring employee retention. Safety protocols and ethical standards for contracting companies get a spotlight too! And, before we wrap up, we look closely at employee incentives, hiring strategies, and the art of listening as a leader. So, are you ready for a journey full of real-life stories and practical advice to help your business soar? Let's get started!

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