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Show Notes

Life throws curveballs, and boy, have I caught a few this year. Buckle up as I pull back the curtain on the seismic shifts that have rocked my world, from nocturnal work patterns to daylight disruptions, and how these twists and turns have shaped the narrative of our show. I’ll spill the beans on my whirlwind stint with a railroad company, the emotional rollercoaster with my ex-girlfriend, and how a knee surgery steered me into the waters of the pool business. Plus, I'll share the realities of financing a shiny new Toyota Tacoma, and the magic of manifestation that scored me Taylor Swift tickets.

Ever curious about the nuts and bolts behind those silky-smooth podcast voices? I'm peeling back the layers on the tech wizardry of an AI voice changer that's taken our audio game to new heights. And for those who love a good behind-the-scenes, I'll take you through my journey with digital platforms like YouTube Premium and Audible, my leap into content creation, and the unexpected connections made while navigating the podcasting universe. If you're ready to pivot with passion and dive into a mix of personal sagas and digital craftsmanship, this episode is your ticket.

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