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Show Notes

Sit tight and gear up as we embark on a fascinating journey with Margaret, a former consultant turned coach, who has made it her mission to help overworked small business owners find the elusive balance between work and personal life. From streamlining processes to shifting focus onto strategy, customers, and financials, Margaret’s unique approach is a breath of fresh air. Our conversation takes an amusing turn when we hear about her encounter with a man, a wheelchair, an iguana, and a parrot, amidst her travels in Turkey!

We then switch gears to delve into the powerful impact of gamification on work performance. Be prepared to be awed by the story of a forward-thinking manager who ingeniously introduced a game-like system in their workplace. The results? A significant boost in production and a remarkable decrease in workplace injuries. But that’s not all, we also explore the pivotal role of gathering feedback from customers and employees when making changes in small businesses. This feedback, we learn, can be a secret weapon in solving problems and improving the quality of your business.

As we head towards the final leg of our journey, we tackle the challenges of running a small business and discuss the significance of ethical practices and efficient operations. Ever thought of how to incentivize your employees or create a supportive work environment? We've got you covered! Our enlightening conversation concludes with a focus on recognizing and rewarding employee creativity, the power of delegation, and the role emotional intelligence plays in the workplace. So grab your notebook and get ready to revolutionize your small business approach!

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